Special Thanks

Dunoon COOP – who donate food each week and who made us one of their 1 in 3 charities two years in a row giving us enough money to put in new blinds, shed with tumble dryer, 3 new double glazed windows and every family over those two years was given cheque to help towards a fun activity, evening meal or breakfast in the restaurant, petrol for adapted vans, ferry crossings.  This additional help for refurbishing and making a special activity for each family for two years has made a huge difference to all our families who have all wanted to express their thanks to the COOP and their customers.  We even managed to put on a super Fun Day for 32 local sick children in Dunoon and surrounding towns, all thanks to the COOP and their fantastic customers for nominating us. https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Supermarket/Dunoon-Community-Store-132158964132957/

Linus Quilters are so kind to donate a quilt for our users – the photo shows one of our young users cozied in!  Read more – https://www.facebook.com/908843195926774/posts/1963998390411244/

Mazars LogoA huge thank you to Mazars who gave Cathleen’s Cabin a corporate donation of £600.  We were then bowled over once again when the Glasgow offices put on a special fundraiser raising £1033.40 at Christmas.  The money raised will go directly to helping more families get away to Dunoon in 2016.

Picture of Marie Ann being a dashing SantaWe are also so grateful to the wonderful Marie Ann Kerr who took part in the 5k Santa Dash in Glasgow in December 2015.  She looks extremely “dashing” in her outfit and we are extremely thankful for the funds which will help support more families needing a break.


Krystal LogoOur web site and email are hosted for free by the great folks at Krystal Hosting who offer free home on the web for registered charities on their Amethyst plan.  This is more than enough for small charities and Krystal are a very helpful bunch.