About Cathleen’s Cabin


We promised to review the situation at t he end of May. Sadly the virus is still active and given the compromised immune systems of our young guests, we have decided that even though the park is reopening in July 2020, we cannot provide holidays this year. We hope to see you all in 2021

Cathleen’s Cabin is a 3 bedroom static caravan situated in beautiful surroundings in Dunoon. The cabin can provide a break or getaway for individuals or families who are experiencing challenges in their lives.

Cabins on the site

The caravan is fully kitted out with all the creature comforts, including books and games and even a Wii! It can sleep up to 8 people. Cathleen’s Cabin has so far provided many weeks enjoyment and respite for those who need it and has been hosting families and individuals since 2010.

From the deck

Many of those who come to us are referred through Rachel House Children’s Hospice in Kinross and Robin House Children’s Hospice in Balloch but we also take referrals from other sources.

We are very aware that families experiencing ill health or convalescence are often affected by economic hardship and sometimes this makes getting away on holiday very difficult, despite the benefits it could bring. Cathleen’s Cabin is a possible answer to this. All we ask is that guests pay a small contribution of ¬£10 a day per group (please see later section “How It Works” for more info).

Picture of the Ferry
On the ferry to Dunoon

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to make an enquiry.

Some people who might benefit from the calm or the fun at Cathleen’s Cabin are:

  • The whole family, patient, brothers and sisters, mum and dad and even grandparents if they want to come;
  • While your child is in respite care, the rest of the family might want a wee respite break too;
  • Mum and dad (or a single parent with a friend or two), might need time on their own;
  • For the first 5 years of bereavement;
  • The whole family, patient, brothers and sisters, mum and dad and even grandparents if they want to come;
  • Other persons identified as in need of recuperation irrespective of age.
The Cabin is the brainchild of Maddie who does so much to bring holidays to families in need.